Ensinada, CA, Mexico
Wine Country

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First land seen in 4 days. It may look like another island, but this is solid granite and we could walk home from here.Ensenada, California, Mexico. Nope, not the California we know but Deb was pretty convinced we were in the U.S.
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Whoa! Check out THIS wine rack. This is the start of the first winery tour.Grapes are mashed by machine now. Too bad!
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Every barrel is signed with a message for good luck, each time it is filled.Grapes were growing everywhere.
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Panoramic view of the hillside retreat (it is actually straight) and valley.This area is used for weddings, but is limited to employees of the winery. This starts the second winery tour.View of the countryside. You can see the wedding altar and trellis flowers on the right.
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Stadium seats at the bullfight ring.A better view of the bullfight stadium. I was not impressed with the height of the retaining wall.
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I thought it strange that a religious figure, behind Deb, was overlooking the ring where bulls were stabbed for fun.Our guide for the Wine Country Tour. She said to let you know she is single and looking.
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Although they process the wine in large stainless steel vats, they still age the wine in wooden oak or mesquite barrels.Another barrel with a good luck message. If I had that barrel, I would be positive it was good luck.
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