Los Angeles, USA
and Mini-Vacation

L.A. Farmer's Market in the Grove
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Back on the mainland at last. We are at the Port of Los Angeles, waiting in line to clear customs.Ron Becker has represented Alan Labs over the last 10 years. This afternoon, he represents himself as a gentleman and friend. Special thanks go out to Ron for helping us deal with luggage issues and taking the time to give us a tour of his home ground.
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This is for Ron's boss, showing he worked during lunch. We are in the La Piazza, which has an incredibly good Tilapia entree.Ron and Deb posing for my candid photo.
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Jacquie and Jas, this is a Farmer's Market like I have never seen before. Put this on your Bucket List.I have no idea what this is supposed to represent, but the wings have the World Map on them.
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Ding!... Ding!... San Francisco...
Oops, wrong city!
Farmer's Market behind us. Next stop, Hollywood!
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I spent about 5 minutes snapping pictures to catch the water jets mid-air. Now look up at the picture of Ron and Deb I had taken 1/2 hour earlier...Proof we were somewhere famous. Anybody remember the "Route 66" TV show with the 1964 Corvette Convertible?
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The Sidewalk of Stars goes on for several miles.Ron had me stand in the middle of the road to take this shot. Was this some kind of payback time?
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Resident of Hollywood Hills. A movie star maybe?Panoramic view of the movie star dog park. You may be able to see the Hollywood sign on the hill.
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Ron seemed to think this guy might be a movie entity. I just saw him as an obnoxious guy that hollered at people and carried a wine bottle.Typical afternoon smog, but not nearly bad as it was 20 years ago.
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Sure looks like Jennifer Garner to me!Warner Brothers Studio, where part of Roger Rabbit was filmed.
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The ORIGINAL Bob's Big Boy hamburger place. I grew up on Big Boy burgers in Kentucky.Santa Monica Pier
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Volley ball, played on the Santa Monica beach, was played well into the night.Pacific Park rides on the Santa Monica Boardwalk.
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Had to stop for Hush Pups and beer. To Deb's surprise, the Hush Pups had shrimp in them (Tilapia is as seafood as Deb gets).Santa Monica Beach. Although taken just minutes before the next picture, the camera made this look lighter than it really was.
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How the beach really looked to us.Trapeze School of NEW YORK, in Santa Monica? Go figure!
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Decent sized waves breaking on the beach.Entrance to the rides on the boardwalk.

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