Hilo, Hawaii
"The Big Island"

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Blue Hawaii Helicopter tours.
Want to guess who had the camera and ended up in the middle seat, in the back?
Hilo from the air, looking East.
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Looking West, you can see the city of Hilo and the Diamond Princess at the dock.Due to excessive sulphur emissions (translation = this sucker is starting to spit), the Kilaweau Iki Volcano Park was closed and the air was very hazy. Even so, you can see these two waterfalls that are about 100 feet high.
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Another view of the two waterfalls.Volcano Kilaweau Iki is still cooking and is reportedly due for another big eruption soon. The dome is starting to bulge.
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Up close and personal. Although I used telephoto for this picture, if it blew, we would be toast. Really fast.Where there is smoke, there is flowing lava. This view shows the path of the lava as it travels to the ocean.
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One of the smoke plumes up close. Under the surface crust is red hot molten rock.We were told you can get this house and land for a really good price. Of course, you have to own a helicopter to get there. The sharp lava rock will slice up your Jeep tires.
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This used to be a neighborhood.The red line in this picture is active lava flow.
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Hawaii creates more waterfront property every year. All you have to do is wait for it to cool off.The water on this beach is over 200 degrees. They closed an observation park nearby because people were cooking their feet in the water. It seems they did not understand the concept of boiling water.
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Strange on what gets cooked, and what does not. This was somebody's home.If we could convert that heat to electricty....
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Do you call it Paradise when you live in the shadow of almost certain disaster?
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