Kona, Hawaii
"The Big Island"

All pictures in this section were taken with a disposable 35mm waterproof camera.
I found the Captain was selling a refillable version of the waterproof camera for $3 more.
Living in Tampa Bay, I figured I could get lots of use out of a refillable one.
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05_386745-R1-006-1A_002.jpg (23340 bytes)05_386745-R1-012-4A_005.jpg (34498 bytes)
Even though I could see land in the background, this view still made me a bit nervous.This is a 30-foot drop-off from the 6-foot deep lava shelf.
05_386745-R1-014-5A_006.jpg (66942 bytes)05_386745-R1-020-8A_009.jpg (64372 bytes)
Just slightly below adn left of center, you can see the lava flow ridges between the coral clumps.The fish were colorful, but few compared to St. Thomas in the British Virgin Islands.
05_386745-R1-026-11A_012.jpg (61693 bytes)05_386745-R1-028-12A_013.jpg (68067 bytes)
If you look close, you can see the fishies swilling close to the drop-off.The camera did not capture the true beauthy of this pearlescent blue fish/
05_386745-R1-052-24A_025.jpg (16859 bytes) 
Da-dum...da-dum...da-dum. Does that look like a shark to you?
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