Honolulu, Oahu

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This is an open-air shopping mall just a couple of blocks from the boat dock. The stores opened at 8:20 AM (not 8:00 AM or 8:30 AM), which Deb and I thought was weird.Waikiki Beach.
It sure looked a lot bigger in the movies.
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For some reason, I expected this beach to lined with bathing suits.It is not the pipeline, but it IS surfing.
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Ever see anyone PADDLE a surfboard?This has to be the good life, no?
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Deb said she had better not catch pictures of cute girls in bathing suits on my camera. But I took this one anyhow.How about a wading pool with a view? The tide was out and left a lagoon pool about two feet deep.
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The entrance to the Polynesian Cultural Center. This is a DO NOT MISS if you go to Honolulu.You would not guess from this view, but there was more than 1000 people inside.
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The center was actually several islands connected by bridges over canals. Each island represented a particular Polynesian culture. We are in a boat and passed under several bridges like this one. Even I had to duck down.These boats are made from a single tree trunk that is hollowed out. Boats like this were built 1000 years ago.
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Each culture had a raft with singing and dancing with native style drums or sticks. This one was for AOTEAROA.Samoa
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OOPS! This was not part of the program.Fiji
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These guys were rockin' the boat!
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This is the Tahiti boat. The hip action was so lively here, I had to switch over to video to capture it.   [AVI]Yes, this guy was actually playing the bamboo flute with his nose.
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We were told these Easter Island statue "hats" were actually hair styles.Grass huts? Grass skirts? Life does not get much better than this.
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There were lots of good shows at the center. This was one of many where audience participation was encouraged.He climbed that 60-foot tree barefoot in about 6 seconds at the most. He used no safety rope either.
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Dinner and a show. This was the luau and looked like a buffet to me, but the food was very good. Here is a view of about half of the visitors...
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...and the other half.The island King and his attendants.
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This was the end of about 2 hours of non-stop entertainment. I captured a lot of it in movie mode, but bought the CD just in case. This link to an AVI file is a small sample of the evening program.
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