Lahaina, Lanai

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The first land we have seen in four days. It turned out this was the island of MolokaiWe are on one of the lifeboats. They use them as a shuttle service to shore.
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A view of Maui as we head into Lahaina. Can you tell this is a volcano island?Our first tour in the islands. I had forgotten how cold it gets at 10,000 feet.
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Like real toruists, we left our jackets in the tour bus. The center of the volcano is right under Deb's left hand.This is looking up the rim of the volcano. What appeared to be a path gave plenty of opportunity to trip and fall.
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Once Deb and I read there were spiders and it was nearly 1/2 mile uphill, we decided to walk just part of it. Deb fell coming back down. Would you call that "opportunity knocks"?A view of Mees Solar Observatory operated by the University of Hawaii. This was the first astronomical observatory in the islands. Unfortunately, it is not open to the public.
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Yes, we are ABOVE the clouds!Our tour bus driver would sing songs and tell stories about the islands. This made the long bus ride much more enjoyable.
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See those roads crossing the picture? It is the SAME road winding up the mountain.That house in the distance is pink, VERY pink, and was built by Dolly Parton.
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After the volcano trip, we stopped at the Maui Tropical Garden and was served lunch. Jackie and Jas, being Culinary Connoisseurs, insisted we take pictures of some of our prepared meals.After eating, we toured the gardens at this stop. Somehow, these two people jumped into my picture like a couple of tourists.
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