Jacquie And Jason's Hong Kong Wedding


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NYC Before Leaving 
Jas and Jacquie got married twice, once in NYC and a second time in Hong Kong (what were they thinking?). These images were taken three (3) weeks earlier, during that trip. I was forbidden by Jacquie, Deb (my wife), and Jason to take pictures during the wedding. I promised to not block the professional photographers, but that did not work with them. Anyhow, friends came from all four corners of the U.S. and states in the middle. I did sneak in my camera for the pre-rehearsal dinner.


Hong Kong First Arrival  
We discover a Shopping Mall that is a city block long, McDonalds, Starbucks, and and even a Snoopy store. I discovered Snoopy is a really popular item in Hong Kong.. Of course, a visit to the Museum of Art was a necessary cultural opportunity.
Hong Kong Bus Tours 
There is so much to see, there is no way you can see it without help. Having been under British rule for many years, most Hong Kong residents speak English. Printed menus were a different story. If the menu was all Chinese, it was a good idea to have a translator with you. Jacquie was our angel of mercy. Our trip was for only a week, so to see the most touristy areas in the shortest time, we took bus tours and LOTS of pictures. The one thing that amazed me was the cleanliness of the city, including areas on other islands. Their subway system looks like it just opened yesterday.
HK Wedding Dinner Day
The Chinese do not have weddings like we do. Their tradition is to have a huge 12-course dinner, where each course item represents something like good fortune or happy children. A tradition we all share is taking pictures of the bride and groom with family members and friends. In Hong Kong, I think this meant half of the city!  
NYC Again 
The flight back to NYC seemed twice as long. One day of layover and it is off to our homes. Jet Blue and Super Savers rule!
Here is the link to some of Jacquie and Jason's wedding pictures